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Summer Holiday Haircare 101

All the top tips you need to protect your hair during the summer and come home with your hair just as beautiful as it was.

💜Protect your hair by covering up with a hat, hairband (so on trend right now) or bandana. Stop those uv rays damaging your beautiful colour!!

💜When your popping into the pool/ sea to cool down after sunbathing wet down your hair and apply a thick waxy conditioner - think supermarket own brand - to stop the chlorine/ salt penetrating your locks! If your hair is long enough wear in a high bun or pleat.

💜 rinse your hair thoroughly after cooling down in the pool or sea. You do not need to shampoo every time.

💜 at-least twice a week on holiday use a clarifying shampoo to remove build up of sweat, salt, chlorine, suncream and your waxy conditioner.

💜salt spray is a lifesaver on holiday, don’t stress trying to blow dry and straighten your hair when it’s too hot!! Instead use a salt spray to add texture to your hair and rock those beach waves!! Perfect if you have had your hair in pleates all day aswel!

💜 try to give your hair a lovely deal conditioning mask at-least twice a week. This will hydrate and strengthen your hair keeping the condition 👌!! I always do this while I’m having my little siesta then rinse off and style for evening.

💜 suncream for your hair: we now stock an amazing spray called Protect and Prevent that contains a blend of antioxidants to neutralize even the most aggressive free radicals generated by UV, pollution and other environmental stressors. It includes sunscreens to help absorb UV rays and is also a thermal protection against heat. Spray on damp hair and style as normal for full protection.

💜 use an oil (I recommend our Moroccanoil Treatment) or serum to fight that holiday frizz and help style and maintain your look.

💜if you have followed all of my tips your hair is sure to be in great summer condition however if it’s too late or you weren’t quite as thorough then don’t despair. Pop in for a Treat and Trim appointment and we will get your summer hair looking perfect once again!!

If you have any question feel free to pop them below or email me over at and I will be happy to help.

Beautiful Picture by Linsey of Menorca

Happy Holidays x

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