• Marie

Getting the most out of your next hair appointment.

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Let us share some tips with you all so you can get the most out of every visit to the salon, after all visiting a salon can be a daunting experience. We are here to make sure you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and overall delighted with your new hair.


We, as do many other stylists offer a FREE consultation to all of our new and existing clientele. This allows your stylist to find out a little about you, your hair and your requirements before we book you in for your next visit. Skin tests can also be performed during your consultation if required.

A consultation also allows us to find out if we are going to be the best stylist for you and can provide the service you require. It's always a good idea to "try before you buy"


We personally prefer hair to be a day old when you visit the salon. This makes our job a little easier when colouring and also means your natural oils will be present to protect you scalp. However if your hair is naturally very oily please wash the morning of your appointment.


We all know that sometimes situations arise outwith our control. If you can be as punctual as possible to your appointment (we appreciate clients being 5 minutes early) this allows us sufficient time to carry out your service in full. If lateness is experienced we may have to cut short your appointment so as not to encroach on our other clients time.


"a picture tells a thousand tales"

We LOVE when our clients bring in their inspirational pictures. Sometimes we find it difficult to really capture the image clients are portraying to us so we always find pictures useful. Even if its pictures of cuts/colours yo DONT want this is still very useful for us.


Only want to visit the salon once a year?

Never use a hairdryer?

Used home dye kits?

Please don't be afraid to tell us all your hair horror stories. We love to know EVERYTHING about you, your lifestyle and you hair and this way we can give you the low maintenance style your looking for, beautiful lived in balayage or plan your new salon colour to perfection.

If we suggest something you don't think will work or you don't like the sound of please let us know. We aren't mind readers and want to give you the perfect hair you deserve. WE DONT BITE