• Marie

Top 10 Hair Products and Tools

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

We are asked all the time about the products we use and recommend in the salon. Below is a list of our top 10 products and tools we love and use in salon and at home. Please feel free to message us and we can recommend the perfect products for your hair type.

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1. MOROCCANOIL Treatment

When you hear the word oil it gives you the idea of greasy, lifeless hair but we can hands down say this product is non of the above. Residue free,super nourishing and fantastic for all hair types

Moroccanoil treatment replaces lost proteins for hair strength, fatty acids,omega 3 oils and vitamins for shine and antioxidants for protection.

When applied to wet hair it eases and speeds up the blow drying process and give you a gorgeous healthy shine.

We can also add the Moroccanoil oil Treatment into colours to give you hair a boost while processing.

Available for purchasing within the salon in two ranges and two sizes:

Moroccanoil Treatment Original 100ml £29 - 25ml £12

Moroccanoil Treatment Light 100ml £29 - 25ml £12

2. Batiste Dry Sha